Shanghai infrarosso technology co., LTD. Is an equipment company focusing on industrial infrared heating application solutions. In the design, production, supply, installation and commissioning of industrial infrared heating system has a very high reputation.

  • 01
    Radiant plate preheating = only 10 minutes!
  • 02
    The surface temperature of radiant plate is detected by K thermocouple
  • 03
    Safety PLC ensures safe operation of the system
  • 04
    European and American imported valve parts, reliable and safe
  • 05
    The surface of the radiant plate is adjustable from 250°C to 650°C
  • 06
    Back ventilation technology to ensure adequate oxygen for the catalyst, not toxic
  • 07
    Focus on infrared technology for nearly 50 years

Infrarosso is an excellent supplier of industrial heating products and systems. We design and provide a variety of infrared heating ovens and special conditions of electric heating ovens integrated system solutions.

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